Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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The Colonial Athletic Association has served the fan of college athletics, and more specifically college basketball for 25 years and not many conferences can celebrate the rich history and fierce competition that the CAA provides when their schools get together on the field or court of athletic battle to prove who deserves to be called the winner. As a result of the amazing tradition of the CAA and my passion for CAA athletics and basketball, I have created this dedication to everything CAA hoops. When college basketball comes up in a discussion, mid-major schools go hand in hand. When mid-majors are being talked about, the CAA demands the respect of college basketball fans, featuring the team with the first Final Four appearance from a mid-major program in the 64-team era as well as a slew of historic upsets, which is exactly why I love CAA basketball. All the analysis, statistics, and opinions thrown out in this blog will celebrate that tradition and build up to the CAA Tournament during the first week in March in Richmond, Virginia. CAA Fever: Catch It!

Why should you love the CAA???

- 2007: Eric Maynor nails a shot to take VCU to the second round of the NCAA Tournament, defeating Duke 79-77.

- 2006: Jim Larranaga takes George Mason to a Final Four...defeating power programs such as Michigan State, North Carolina and Connecicut on the way, becoming the only CAA team to reach the Final Four. Ever...Oh, and the CAA gets two bids to the NCAAs and Old Dominion goes to the NIT semifinals.

- 2005: Old Dominion beats VCU in overtime of the CAA title game in one of the best Championship Week games...ODU then goes on to narrowly lose to nationally recognized Michigan State in the first round.

- 2003: Drew Nicholas from Maryland hits a game winning three to beat UNC-Wilmington and John Goldsberry who hit eight...EIGHT three pointers as a freshman in the first round.

- 2002: Brett Blizzard leads Wilmington to a first round win over USC and almost over Indiana...who reached the national title game.

- 1998: A young John Beilein takes Richmond to the NCAAs and beats third seeded South Carolina in a was just the third 14-seed to win a game in the bracket.

In the last 11 seasons, these are just a few examples of the national impact the CAA has made and has the capability of making. Even more are memories are held in the circles of the dedicated fans on these campuses, all searching and praying for Colonial glory each March.

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