Thursday, December 3, 2009

What makes the CAA interesting?

The Colonial Athletic Association features the necessities of any good mid-major conference throughout the country. With 12 schools, and a wide range of the schools holding the ability to compete...every year six teams can legitimately make a claim they can win the league, the league has parity at every corner. Every night when a team ventures on a road trip up and down the East coast, it can be an all out war. From as far south as Atlanta to as far north as Boston, every arena can be immensely difficult to leave victorious. An incredibly interesting dynamic with the CAA is the involvement of metropolitan cities with schools in the league. Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, Northern Virginia, Norfolk and Atlanta. All of these cities have become either large cities and the first four are among the largest in our country. The CAA holds the interest of fans in these gigantic cities, providing a large area of interest and a rich talent pool to choose from for the conference. The CAA has also provided a stepping stone for a multitude of college head coaches looking to make their career in the mainstream college basketball and BCS conferences. Anthony Grant, Jeff Capel, John Beilein, Jerry Wainwright, Brad Brownell, among others used coaching jobs at CAA schools to turn their careers into incredible jobs and influential figureheads in the game of college basketball. All of these things: talent, locations, coaching and history make the CAA one of the most interesting mid-major leagues in college basketball.

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